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Enchanting Edge by Rose Proffitt Creations ***Pre-Order***

Enchanting Edge by Rose Proffitt Creations ***Pre-Order***

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Rose Proffitt Creations

Rose Proffitt is a multidisciplinary artist based in Melbourne, Australia. I find my creative inspiration in the realms of technology-based artistry, where I explore various facets of the digital canvas. My artistic journey spans computer-generated art, AI-infused creations, and the enchanting world of digital painting.

Originally hailing from New Zealand, I now call the vibrant city of Melbourne my home, where I reside with my soul mate and our youngest child, Kenzie. Our beloved pets, Cola and Pudpud, complete our little family. I take immense pride in being a loving mother to all my children, including my bonus ones, who have enriched my life in countless ways.

My artistic journey formally began with a diploma in Art and Design, but it didn't stop there. I've always had a deep-rooted passion for art and photography. However, due to a significant health change, I made the courageous decision to hang up my camera and channel my creativity more towards my art, particularly in the realm of digital art.

Beyond my artistry, I am a vocal advocate for human rights, with a special focus on the Autism and LGBTQ+ communities. I'm also a staunch supporter of animal rights, especially when it comes to endangered animals and wildlife. Protecting our planet's precious creatures is a cause close to my heart.

Interestingly, my passion for diamond painting took me on a unique journey. For nearly eight years, I've been dedicated to this intricate craft. Fueled by a desire to break away from the monotony of existing kits, I ventured into designing my own, adding another dimension to my creative pursuits.

In essence, I'm an artist whose canvas knows no bounds, an advocate for those whose voices need amplifying, and a creator who finds beauty in both the digital realm and the intricate details of diamond painting. Join me on this artistic journey, where every pixel and brushstroke tells a story of creativity, passion, and a deep love for all things art.

PLEASE NOTE:  Pre-Order at this time.  We anticipate arrival Mid July.


Canvas Size:  50x64 Full Square Drill

Artist:  Rose Proffitt Creations 

Your kit will includes:

  • High quality silk cotton canvas (scallop edged).
  • Poured glue.
  • High quality resin square drills.
  • 53 Colours
  • Seven AB accent drills and Three Unicorn Poop specialty diamonds.
  • Tool Kit - Includes:  White boat with spout, tweezer, wax caddy with wax, drill pen with comfort grip, washi tape, and two multiplacers.
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