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Caribbean Calcite Butterfly Wing A3

Caribbean Calcite Butterfly Wing A3

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Caribbean Calcite is a more recently discovered crystal made up of a combination of blue calcite, white Aragonite, and light brown Aragonite. It only comes from Pakistan and was first discovered in 2019.

While much of the Caribbean Calcite on the market has been polished, it is very common for it to have crevices, sometimes druzy lined. It has a hardness between 3 and 3.5 making it more delicate.

It is still unknown if this is the only location that Caribbean Calcite exists and how long the current supply will last before it is basically extinct.

You may also see Caribbean Calcite called Caribbean Blue Calcite or Ocean Blue Calcite. It is very similar in appearance to some Blue Aragonite.

Caribbean Calcite’s benefits are still being discovered. Some of the main benefits that you may experience are decreased anxiety, calmness, better sleep, lucid dreams, and elevated consciousness.

Disclaimer:  Crystal Gemstones are known for their beauty, mental, and physical properties.  In no way are we suggesting or stating that any crystal gemstones are to replace any kind of Medical Treatments.  

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