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Bumblebee Jasper with Druzy

Bumblebee Jasper with Druzy

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The amazing Bumblebee Jasper Sphere.  This sphere stands at 6.3 cm tall without the stand. 

A highly unique and hard to come by stone, Bumblebee Jasper4 is a metaphysical stone with great hidden powers and potential.  It gets its name courtesy the alluring pattern that can be found on it, this pattern is identical to the pattern that can be found on bumblebees.

Originating only inside the volcanoes of Australia and Indonesia, the Bumblebee Jasper is a very unique and hard to find.  It is formed from volcanic matter and a combination of various different sedimentary rocks, which is different than that of most Jasper, and hence some people consider it to be an Agate rather than Jasper.  The stone showcases very intricate patterns as well as splendid yellow/orange hues on its body.  This Jasper is considered to be the natural birthstone of anyone born during the beginning of summer and the yellow colour brings with it the promise of great first beginnings and high optimism.

Bumblebee Jasper host a wide range of positive energies that can be used by you to better enhance your everyday life.  Having this stone in your possession will enable you to pick out the best opportunities for yourself and your family.

Bumblebee Jasper will also enable you to become much more susceptible to change and new surroundings.  This will help you break away from your comfort zone and explore avenues that you previously wouldn’t have and you never know, one of these avenues might just change your life!  If you’ve found yourself become a victim of unusual circumstances then you can use this stone to help rectify all such situations  You will have the courage to face other people and tell them your side of the story and with the help of Bumblebee Jasper, you will soon be cleared of any doubt.

Bumblebee Jasper can help with boosting your ego and help highlight your individuality so that you may start seeing yourself in a whole different light.  If you are someone who suffers through constant depression then this stone can definitely help ward some of this depression off and replace it with positivity.

Bumblebee Jasper will also enable you to realize that you are the sole master of your own destiny and that it is only you who can control what happens to your life.  This realization will help you a lot in your life as you will then start to analyze every decision that you have to make.  You can also use Bumble Bee Jasper to become much more energized during the day so that you can handle all of your tasks with greater ease.

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