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Moss Agate Butterfly Wings w/Druzy K46

Moss Agate Butterfly Wings w/Druzy K46

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Moss agate, like several other crystals, has mystical qualities that have more profound significance.

One of the characteristics of Moss Agate is how it promotes serenity and emotional equilibrium. It’s thought to be especially beneficial for people dealing with anger or other negative feelings. Moss Agate is calming and aids in bringing people back to earth. If we need to withdraw from the current world’s stress and hustle, it helps people feel extra tolerant.

Moss Agate can help you achieve a balance between work and life. This stone can enable a better understanding of matters and decide what you’ll do if you think everything becomes a jumble at home and in-office relationships. It will assure you that, although if something doesn’t go smoothly for today, it’ll all work out in the end.

Moreover, Moss Agate is often connected with the beginnings of new relationships. When encountering new individuals, numerous people wear the crystal, which promotes a feeling of attachment and aid in developing a solid base for a relationship.

At the same time, Moss Agate may improve your health cope with the stresses of work, love, and even life. This gemstone will help in taking a breather and unwind. It will serve as a reminder that you, indeed, require attention. You keep working. Therefore you need a well-deserved rest.

This stone’s anchoring energy will assist you in maintaining your bond with nature. This crystal will also make you want to enjoy your time outside, interacting with the environment and admiring the stunning scenery surrounding you.


Wing Span:  23 cm

Wing Length:  16.75 cm

Disclaimer:  Crystal Gemstones are known for their beauty, mental, and physical properties.  In no way are we suggesting or stating that any crystal gemstones are to replace any kind of Medical Treatments.  

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