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African Bloodstone Double Fox Tail Wing N7

African Bloodstone Double Fox Tail Wing N7

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African Bloodstone is said to provide protection from negative influences in the environment and the human bio field. It has long been associated with abundance in all things and is used by many to form part of a manifestation grid to attract an abundance of wealth, health and happiness.  Alleviates confusion. Encourages swift decision making. Helps to heal emotional wounds: heartbreak, sorrow, anger, and internal pain. Revitalizes our energy and creates a clear path forward.

African Bloodstone is a type of jasper that gets its distinctive coloring from the presence of iron oxide. It's found worldwide, but some of the finest examples come from South Africa and Madagascar. This beautiful deep green stone has been used for everything from carved figurines to regal jewelry for centuries.


Wing Span:  20 cm

Wing Length:  23.5 cm

Disclaimer:  Crystal Gemstones are known for their beauty, mental, and physical properties.  In no way are we suggesting or stating that any crystal gemstones are to replace any kind of Medical Treatments.  

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